Attendance Form is here. Flood Fighting Drill Tour 2016 [invitation-only] 水防演習ツアー2016参加申込票(招待者限定)

Flood Fighting Drill Tour 2016 

The Flood Fighting Drill Tour 2016 will be held on the occasion of the 65th Flood Fighting Drill in the Tone River Basin on Saturday, May 21th, 2016.

Attendance Form is here.   参加申込票はこちら

please see the invitation you received to find details on the tour program.


Flood Fighting Drill 

Flood-fighting drills are held throughout Japan every year before the flooding season begins in order for flood fighters, residents and local government staff members in the community to learn, exercise, and improve levee protection techniques as well as to raise awareness about levee protection. This large scale drill is carried out in the regional bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of Japan in cooperation with the riparian prefectures/cities.