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JWF Fund 2021 Follow-up Observation Reports

Project titleCountryNumber of
direct beneficiaries
1. Rehabilitation of wells in Kanjuki villageUganda1,500 peoplePDF
2. Installation of water kiosk in Kaptolla villageKenya1,500 peoplePDF
3. Training and installation of rainwater harvesting containers for girlsUganda5,000 peoplePDF
4. Rehabilitation of existing groundwater recharge system in Thallykothanoor villageIndia500 peoplePDF

Main findings of the follow-up observations

  • All of the facilities installed or repaired with the support of JWF Fund 2021 remain in good working condition after completion of the projects.
  • Local residents are playing a central role in operating and maintaining the facilities.
  • Water-borne diseases have decreased since completion of the projects.
  • There have been positive changes in hygiene behavior of not only the projects’ direct beneficiaries, but of the entire communities, and even among residents of neighboring villages.

Outline of the follow-up observations

The JWF’s main priority in funding projects is responding to onsite issues and needs in an efficient and effective way.
Since 2015, we have been carrying out follow-up observations after completion of projects in order to understand changing issues and needs.

In FY 2023, the JWF received favorable responses to its requests for follow-up observations from four of the five grass-roots organizations, in Uganda, Kenya, and India, all of which were JWF Fund 2021recipients.  Thanks to their cooperation, we were able to conduct our follow-up observations successfully.

(Reported by Takejiro Suzuki, Project Manager)

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