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Youth Water Forum Kyushu Application Video Now Available on YouTube!

The Youth Water Forum Kyushu (YWFQ) was launched on March 22, 2021, and targets high school students to participate in a video (in English) that summarizes the results of their activities related to water and learning about social issues related to water. The goal is to have them become active international human resources in the future, mainly in water-related fields. The project also aims to help students learn about geography, which will become a new compulsory subject in 2022. At the 9th World Water Forum and the 4th Asia-Pacific Water Summit, we are planning to show and transmit excellent videos as an opportunity for high school students from Japan and overseas to interact with each other.

We have been accepting video submissions since June 16, 2021, and we have now received more than 20 submissions. We are very happy to have received so many wonderful video submissions. The videos can be viewed at the following URL, so please take a look.
We will be adding more videos to our library as they become available.

◆Youth Water Forum official YouTube site 

◆ Youth Water Forum official Web site

(Reported by Hiroko Fukuda, Manager)

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