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Join us! The 5th JWF Webinar about Regional Inclusive Public-Private Collaboration for Water Conservation

Kumamoto City boasts some of Japan’s most plentiful groundwater resources, with tap water for all 740,000 residents supplied from groundwater. Unfortunately, recent years have seen issues with water quality and quantity arise, including rising nitrogen-nitrate concentrations and lower groundwater levels. To solve these issues, we have worked together with the residents, businesses, and governments that use this groundwater to understand and improve the situation.

This webinar will explain the public-private groundwater conservation projects underway between Kumamoto City and the neighboring municipalities that share its groundwater resources. By getting the word out about these groundwater conservation projects, we hope to contribute to achieving SDG #6.

Date and Time24th November 2021/ 4:00~5:00PM(JST)
SpeakerMr. Tsutomu Nagata
Senior Councilor of the Environment Bureau
 and Director of the Water Conservation Section,
 Kumamoto City
TopicsRegional Inclusive Public-Private Collaboration for Water Conservation



(Reported by Reiko Yoshii Manager)

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