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JWF Fund 2021: Recipients Decided!

In the JWF Fund 2021, we have received 406 applications from 37 countries and territories. As a result of selection, we have decided to provide funds for 5 projects from 4 countries, 1 from Asia and 4 from Africa.

Recipients of JWF Fund 2021

ProjectCountryNumber of beneficiaries
Rehabilitation of wells in Kanjuki villageUganda1,500PDF
Rehabilitation of wells in Kaida villageNigeria2,300PDF
Installation of water kiosk in Kaptolla villageKenya250PDF
Training and installation of rainwater harvesting containers for girlsUganda5,000PDF
Rehabilitation of existing groundwater recharge system in Thallykothanoor villageIndia460PDF
*The above project information is made based on their application documents.

What is the JWF Fund?
The JWF Fund was founded in 2005 and is solely operated by the Japan Water Forum (JWF). The JWF Fund aims to contribute to solving local water-related issues in developing countries by assisting the implementation of sustainable solutions led by grass-roots organizations.

Every year, the JWF publicly seeks out projects to assist and provides grants up to 1,500USD per project adopted after due assessment. We value the projects which utilize local resources, knowledge and technologies, and establish a sustainable operation and maintenance scheme.

The JWF Fund is made up of JWF membership fees of the JWF members and general donations. Please visit here for more details.

Outline of the JWF Fund 2021
・Application period: 10 June to 10 July, 2021
・Number of applications: 406 projects from 37 countries
・Selected projects: 5 projects from 4 countries; Uganda (2), Kenya (1), Nigeria (1) and India (1)
・Project period: October 2021 to February 2022

(Reported by Shigenori Asai, Director and Akie Gunji, Sub Manager)

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