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APWF 26th Governing Council Meeting

The Asia-Pacific Water Forum (APWF), where the JWF acts as its secretariat, organized its 26th Governing Council Meeting on 15th July 2021 online. Seventy-two officials from the APWF members, Kumamoto City, co-hosts of the 4th Asia-Pacific Water Summit (APWS), and the 4th APWS host supporting organizations in Japan joined the meeting. 

  The meeting was chaired by Mr. Ravi Narayanan, Ms. Changhua Wu, and Dr. Eduardo Araral as Chair and Vice-Chairs of the Governing Council of APWF. In line with the documents prepared by the APWF/4th APWS Secretariat, the member organizations discussed the current draft preparation of the 4th APWS, organized on 23-24th April 2022. It included the 4th APWS Conference style, draft concept note, draft program, 4th APWS output, parallel thematic sessions, preparation schedules. In addition, the APWF members exchanged information about their latest activities and youth programs.

  The APWF Secretariat/4th APWS Secretariat will revise the draft plans introduced during the meeting by hearing the comments and feedback from the Governing Council Meeting and the survey form submitted from the APWF members.

  JWF will proceed with the preparation of the 4th APWS by collaborating with the APWF members, Kumamoto City, and the supporting organizations of the 4th APWS in Japan to hold the meaningful 4th APWS and show the pathways to promote the regional cooperation, which will contribute to the solutions of water issues.

  The next APWF Governing Council Meeting will be organized around October 2021.

(Reported by Yumiko Asayama, Manager)

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