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4℃ AQUA PROGRAM 2017 started!

What is the 4℃ AQUA PROGRAM?
“4℃” is the jewelry brand deployed by F.D.C. PRODUCTS INC.* which has deep involvement and empathy with water.
4℃ AQUA PROGRAM has been established in 2008 as a joint project with  F.D.C. PRODUCTS INC. and Japan Water Forum in the aim of supporting women facing water related issues. Since its establishment, we have carried out projects in Republic of Kiribati and Sri Lanka.
Since AQUA PROGRAM 2016, JWF has carried out the project in Bangladesh. The details are described below.

*F.D.C. PRODUCTS INC. is a group company of YONDOSHI HOLDINGS INC. which is a corporate member of the JWF.

Outline of the 4℃ AQUA PROGRAM 2016
1) Project title
“Benefit from Rainwater”

2) Project Site
Morrelganj Upazila, Bagerhat District, Khulna Division, Bangladesh

AQUA PROGRAM2016_map1 20161114_khulna
Bangladesh Khulna Division

3) Project period
August 2017 to April 2018

4) Local partner
People for Rainwater Bangladesh (NGO)

5) Problems
The rural areas in Bangladesh lack the supply of pure drinking water like cities. Furthermore, the provision of such basic infrastructure is beyond hope in the near future. In the project area, people depend on water from ponds or wells for domestic use and drinking water. However, the quality of water is so poor that it is very difficult to acquire drinking water, especially.
Under this circumstance, women and girls carry the greatest burden of fetching drinking water.
They must spare their time for housework and study on going to distant ponds or wells to gain water.
Many people also suffer from water-borne diseases, such as diarrhea, because of the inappropriate quality of water. As a consequence, the cost of medical care and prescription drug imposes a financial burden on households especially among the poorest in rural villages.

6) Output
・Installing two rainwater harvesting tanks for each 30 household.
・Running workshops on the use of rainwater and water and sanitation.
・Training each household in how to operate and maintain the rainwater harvesting tank.
・Assessing the quality of rainwater in the tank to confirm the appropriateness for drinking.

7) Potential Impact
・People in rural areas are able to access safe drinking water by making use of rainwater.
・Women and girls are released from daily burden of fetching water.
・Cut the cost of medical care and prescription drug for water-borne diseases.

Girls and a pond in the project site.

(Reported by Akie Gunji, Manager)

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