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JWF Fund 2015 follow-up completed!

Japan Water Forum (JWF) Fund was established in 2005 to support organizations which work aiming at solving water-related issues at a grass-roots level. Our priority is placed in responding to the issues and needs of the field in an efficient and effective way.
With cooperation of 4 organizations out of 6 supported by the Fund 2015, the follow-up observations were carried out to see the conditions, a year later.
The results showed that there are various changes such as attendance rate of the pupils at school has increased, life of women and girls has changed, water-borne diseases has decreased and so on.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to local organizations, JWF members, everyone who donated Charity for Water and all for your understanding and cooperation.

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(Reported by Akie Gunji, Assistant Manager)

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