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Human Resources Development Project for Community Disaster Preparedness in India Completed!

JWF conducted a human resources development project to strengthen community disaster preparedness in Kolkata, India. The project was carried out in collaboration with a local NGO, Society for Equitable Voluntary Actions (SEVA), supported by the 11th TOTO Water Environment Fund.

For the details of the project carried out by SEVA supported JWF Fund 2014, please refer to  the URL below.

Outline of the Project
Human Resources Development Project through Awareness-raising and Improving Water Environment in Slums

2)Project site
5 slums in Kolkata, West Bengal, India

20160908_india-png 20161017_west-bengal
India West Bengal

Approx. 16,700 people

June 2016 to March 2017

5)Local Partner
Society for Equitable Voluntary Actions (SEVA)

6)Problems in Project Area
Kolkata is one of the world’s most densely populated cities, and it has the Hooghly River. The city has fluvial geomorphologic features naturally prone to flooding, and the problem of flooding is increasing due to changes in amount and pattern of rainfall. Their deteriorated and undeveloped drainage system hinders proper draining in the entire area of the city. Resulted in worsening of the flood damage including the loss of lives and housing as well as damages to the living environment and the sanitation system.
The slum areas  of Kolkata representing one third of it population are some of most vulnerable to flooding and cyclones because of its housing built with fragile construction materials, weak social structure, and the geographical nature of their housing developed along water channels.

・ Lobbying and call for support to local government
・Baseline survey
・Community consultation
・Cleaning campaign of the community with youth and adults
・Training on data gathering and spreading information by using mobile phone
・Data gathering and preparing materials such as short film, poster and map.
・Awareness  program with local people and students by using the materials
・Advocacy meeting with local government
・Debriefing session of the project in Japan

8)Potential impacts
・People in the slums will be able to understand the risk of flood and environment in their community so that damages of water-related disasters can be prevented and reduced.
・People in the slums will be able to keep their living environment clean and hygienic.
・The water-related environment can be improved.

The current situation of the slum

20161021_toto_1 20170522_TOTO_before
Garbage scattered on the local water channel After heavy rain, water sources are susceptible to pollution

During the project

20161021_toto_2 20170522_TOTO_during1
Door-to-door visit to the local residents for baseline survey Community Consultation and pre-project activites
with the local people
20170522_TOTO_during2 20161021_toto_3
Open-air session on fiction films Information gathering using mobile phones
20170522_TOTO_during3 20161021_toto_4
Preparing  materials based on the gathered data Awareness activities using a poster made by the youth

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to TOTO LTD., the JWF Members and all for your understanding and cooperation. We appreciate your continued support and encouragement.

The project is supported by the TOTO Water Environment Fund.

(Reported by Akie Gunji, Assistant Manager)

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