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Darvish Yu Water Fund: Report of 10th Project in India

10th Project: Vulnerability Reduction of Desert Communities in India through Safe and Sustainable Sources of Drinking Water, Rajasthan, India

Constructed tank with the owner, Mr. Hazi Khan

1)Project site
Jawaharpura village, Barmer District, Rajasthan state, India

20160908_india 20160908_rajasthan
India Rajasthan state

59 people, 11 households living in the Jawaharpura village

3)Project period
January to July 2016

4)Local partner
Jal Bhagirathi Foundation (JBF)

There is no river and sea near the Jawaharpura village which is located between the Barmer and Jodhpur districts. It is difficult for poor people who are living in the village to access water for drinking as well as domestic use. 8 wells in the village are salted and the water from these wells is not potable. People have to purchase water from vendors and its expense is nearly 30-40% of their income. Therefore, most people depend on unsafe ponds as water sources. Women and girls have to walk an average of 5 to 8 kilometers daily to collect water for their families.


  • Preliminary survey at the village to identify beneficiaries
  • Formation of Jal Sabha (water user associations)
  • Community mobilization
  • Construction of the rainwater harvesting tank for 11 households
  • Capacity building on the usage of rainwater-harvesting
  • Training on WASH and good hygiene practices
  • Training on construction skills of the rainwater-harvesting tank with 10 community masons
  • Water quality tests

7)Potential Impacts

  • 11 households are able to access safe drinking water throughout the year.
  • Beneficiaries acquired the knowledge of the usage rainwater and good hygiene practices.
  • Community masons acquired construction skills of the rainwater-harvesting tank.

Before the project

photo61 darvish10th_1
Collecting water from a pond An existing well in the village is salted

During the project

20160909_320_during darvish10th_3
Constructing the rainwater-harvesting tank Training on construction skills of the tank
with community masons
darvish10th_2 20160909_320_after
Teaching how to make soap Constructed rainwater harvesting tank

(Reported by Sae Ishihara, Manager and Akie Gunji, Assistant Manager)

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