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Darvish Yu Water Fund: Report of 9th Project in Indonesia

9th Project: Improvement of Living Conditions in Bukit Batu region

Constructed toilet with beneficiary

1)Project site
Bukit Batu region, Palangka Raya province, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

indonesia indonesia_Kalimantan Tengah
Indonesia Central Kalimantan

525 people living in the Bukit Batu region

3)Project period
January to June 2015

4)Local partner
Yayasan Usaha Mulia (YUM)

In Bukit Batu region, 30% of households have no toilet, people urinate and defecate outside.
Further, water buckets used for washing are left open, ditches are unblocked leaning pools of water; and kitchen sinks are often found near the houses. Soaking areas under/inside the outdoor kitchen/wash areas attract mosquitoes which are medium of dengue fever/malaria.
In addition to that, garbage management is also troublesome as garbage is usually deposited in the back of the houses or near the creeks invisible to people in the villages. Therefore, concerns for cleanliness within and outside of the houses, but the garbage out of eyesight get little attention.
Both a lack of wastewater treatment system and inappropriate garbage management may generate soil infiltration that eventually contaminates water resources.


  • Baseline survey
  • Construction and installation of 15 toilets
  • 7 workshops on the Water and Garbage management
  • Conduction of 7 clean up campaigns
  • Supply of manuals and information booklets
  • Purchase of 2 back-up pumps

7)Potential Impacts

  • 15 households are able to use toilets in their houses.
  • Participants in workshops and clean up campaigns acquired the knowledge on water and sanitation.

Before the project

darvish9th_3 darvish9th_2
An existing toilet in Bukit Batu region Garbage scattered around toilet

During the project

darvish9th_4 darvish9th_5
Participants of the clean up campaign Construction of the toilet
darvish9th_6 darvish9th_7
Workshop on the Water and Garbage management The participants reading the education booklet made by YUM

After the project

darvish9th_8 darvish9th_9
Constructed toilet Constructed toilet with beneficiary

(Reported by Sae Ishihara, Manager)

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