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Darvish Yu Water Fund: Report of 8th Project in Bangladesh

8th Project: Development of Environmentally Sound Water Cycle Using Sky Water Harvesting Technology and Ecological Sanitation in Rural Bangladesh

Beneficiary-1 with constructed rainwater-harvesting tank

1)Project site
Khalashi Durgapur and Char Durgapur village, Sadar Upazila, Faridpur District, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh

20161114_bangladesh bangladesh_Dhaka Division
Bangladesh Dhaka Division

100 people living in the Khalashi Durgapur and Char Durgapur villages

3)Project period
November 2012 to September 2013

4)Local partner
Rural Life Development (R.L.D)

<Technical support>
JADE Bangladesh
People for Rainwater Bangladesh

People living in the Khalashi Durgapur and Char Durgapur villages depend on ground water that is however contaminated with high levels of arsenic and on tainted water from pond nearby as their water source, so that they easily receive water related diseases and  suffer from arsenic poisoning.  In addition to that, people use temporary latrine or defecate in the open, which contaminates the water source and the soil and creates unhygienic environment.


  • Conduct of pre-project meeting with the village people
  • Construction of 15 rainwater-harvesting tanks for 15 household each
  • Construction of 12 Ecosan toilets
  • Workshop on the water and sanitation
  • Training on the operation and maintenance

7)Potential Impacts

  • People living in 2 villages are able to access safe drinking water
  • People living in 2 villages are able to use Ecosan toilets

Before the project

darvish8th_2 darvish8th_3
A pond used for washing and bathing An existing toilet in the villages

During the project

darvish8th_8 darvish8th_7
A pre-project meeting with village people A workshop on the water and sanitation
darvish8th_4 darvish8th_9
Construction of rainwater harvesting tank Installing of rainwater harvesting tank

After the project

darvish8th_11 darvish8th_12
Beneficiary-2 drinking water from constructed tank Beneficiary-3 with constructed toilet

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