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Darvish Yu Water Fund: Report of 7th Project in Nigeria

7th Project: Enhancing Access to Safe Drinking Water and Improving Sanitation in Schools in Ganawuri

Constructed toilet with teachers, WASH committee members, pupils and WOCCI staffs

1)Project site
2 schools in Ganawuri village, Jos city, Plateau State, Nigeria

darvish7th_nigeria nigeria_Plateau State
Nigeria Plateau State

2,000 people in the 2 schools and Ganawuri village

3)Project period
June to November 2012

4)Local partner
Women and Children in Support of Community Development Initiative (WOCCI)

In the Ganauri village where many people are poor, less than 15% of people can access to safe water. Due to a lack of latrines and hygiene practice among local people, diseases such as dysentery, diarrhea and typhoid are spreading.

・Conducting a pre-meeting with the local people and stakeholders of the school
・Establishment of the WASH committee in each school
・Conducting a training on management to members of the WASH committee
・Construction of one set of well, latrine and hand washing facility in both schools
・Refurbishment of an existing latrine
・Conducting the awareness raising program to promote hygiene practice
・Conducting the awareness raising program of the water and sanitation with parents and teachers

7)Potential Impact
・Pupils and teachers of these 2 schools and the community people are able to access safe water.
・Pupils and teachers of these 2 schools and the community people are able to use the latrines and hand washing facilities.
・Pupils and teachers of these 2 schools and the community people acquired appropriate hygiene practice.

Before the project

darvish7th_2 darvish7th_3
Girls fetching water from a pond Existing latrines in school

During the project

darvish7th_5 darvish7th_4
Checking the hole depth for the well Construction of latrines

After the project

darvish7th_6 darvish7th_7
Pupils collecting water from constructed well Pupils washing their hands by using water from the well

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