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Darvish Yu Water Fund: Report of 6th Project in Sri Lanka

6th Project: Improvement of Sanitation Facilities in Teaplantation Community

Family with constructed pit latrine

1)Project site
Warwick Tea Estate, Badulla District, Uva Province, Sri Lanka

20161013_sri-lanka  darvush5th_uva
Sri Lanka Uva Province

250 people living in the Warwick Tea Estate

3)Project period
September 2011 to July 2012

4)Local partner
COSI Foundation for Technical Cooperation  (COSI)

There are no water supply and sewerage systems in the Warwick Tea Estate. People use surface water from a creek for domestic and drinking purposes. In addition to that, people are forced to urinate and defecate outside due to the limited numbers of pit latrines.

・Conducting pre-meeting with the people in the estate
・Construction of 50 pit latrines
・Conducting training on the construction skills for the latrine with local people
・Conducting awareness raising program on sanitation

7)Potential Impacts
・People in the estate are able to access to pit latrines.
・People acquired construction skills to built the latrines
・People’s awareness towards sanitation issues has improved.

Before the project

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA darvish6th_before1
 Existing sanitation facilities in the Warwick Tea Estate

During the project

darvish6th_after_2 darvish6th_after_3
Pre-meeting with people Construction of foundation for pit latrine

After the project

darvish6th_after_4 darvish6th_after_5
Constructed pit latrine Family with a constructed pit latrine

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