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Darvish Yu Water Fund: Report of 4th Project in Kenya

4th Project: Improvement of Community-based Water Supply System Project

darvish4th_after_water supply2
Children collecting water from laid water-supply pipe

1)Project site
Nyalenda Slum, Kisumu County, Nyanza Province, Kenya

 darvish4th_kenya  darvish4th_Nyanza Province
Kenya Nyanza Province

400 people, 30 fanilies

3)Project period
March 2010 to August 2011

4)Local partner
Kenya Organization for Environmental Education (KOEE)

Though there is piped water in Nyalenda slum, it is contaminated due to inappropriate disposal of waste water. Some local people draw water from wells, which however is also polluted. In addition to that, piped water is facing a certain problem of illegal piping.

・Conducting pre-meeting of the project with the local people
・Conducting cleaning campaign with the local people and stakeholders at the project site
・Conducting workshop on the water and sanitation
・Laying 3 water-supply pipes and installing 4 water points each.
・Laying water-supply pipes to 30 houses directly
・Water quality tests

7)Potential Impact
・People in the Nyalenda slum community are able to access safe water.
・People in the Nyalenda slum community acquired the knowledge on the water and sanitation.

During the project

darvish4th_during_pre-meeting darvish4th_during_cleaning
Pre-meeting with the local people Cleaning of the location to install a  water pipes
darvish4th_during_Daily Nation darvish4th_during_workshop
An article on the cleaning campaign
posted on Daily Nation
Workshop on the water and sanitation
darvish4th_during_drain darvish4th_during_wqt
Constructing a water chamber Water Quality Test

After the project

darvish4th_after_water supply OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Women drawing water from the constructed water point People in charge of collecting water fee from users

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