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Darvish Yu Water Fund: Report of 3rd Project in Cambodia

3rd Project: Well Project

Constructed well  in O Anh Chanh village and members of well water users’ group

1)Project site
Chochork, O Anh Chanh, Pour Kheun and Boeung village, Krakor District, Pursat Province, Cambodia

  darvish3rd_ cambodia  darvish3rd_Pursat Province
Cambodia Pursat Province

400 people in the 4 villages

3)Project period
May to December 2008

4)Local partner
A Chief Advisor of TSC2, Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology and an expert of irrigation technology

As there is no access to running water in the villages of Chochork, O Anh Chanh, Pour Kheun and Boeung, people have to fetch water from distant rivers and lakes. Though some people use water stored in irrigation channels and rice fields, domestic animals such as cows also use the water for drinking and bathing. Therefore these water sources are very unhygienic. During the dry season, the situation is particularly bad because of a short supply of water. Some people get illness due to the use of unhygienic water.

・Construction of two shallow wells in each village of Chochork, O Anh Chanh and Pour Kheun village
・Construction of three shallow wells in the Boeung village
・Establishment of a well-water users’ group consisting the local people using each shallow well
・Water quality tests

7)Potential Impact
・People of these 4 villages are able to access safe drinking water.
・Members of well water users’ group are able to operate and maintain the wells.

Before the project

darvish3rd_before darvish3rd_before_2
An existing well broken Women heading for fetching water

During the project

darvish3rd_during1 darvish3rd_during2
Selection of a leader of the well water user group
in the Pour Kheun village
Water quality test

After the project

darvish3rd_after_Chochok village darvish3rd_after
a constructed well in the Chochork village Collecting water from a well using bucket and rope

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