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Darvish Yu Water Fund: Report of 1st Project in Nepal

1st Project: Well and Water Tank Construction for Village School

Students washing their hands in constructed facility

1)Project site
Adarsha Higher Secondary School, Dibyanagar village, Chitwan District, Narayani Zpne, Nepal

 20160906_4th kyotoprize_map120170411_Narayani Zone
NepalNarayani Zone

2,000 students of Adarsha Higher Secondary School

3)Project period
May to October 2007

4)Local partner
Water Asia

About 2,000 students, aged from 6 to 24, attend the Adarsha Higher Secondary School. There is one shallow well in school, however, the well is prone to pollution. Every year, about 10% of the students suffer from water-related diseases such as dysentery. Many of the children cannot attend school due to the illness.

・Construction of a deep well with a electric pump
・Construction of two water tanks
・Installation of eight taps to wash hands
・Construction of a building with water tanks and taps installed
・Water quality test

7)Potential Impacts
・Students of the Adarsha Higher Secondary School are able to access safe drinking water
・Students of the Adarsha Higher Secondary School are able to wash their hands after using the toilet
・Students and stakeholders of the Adarsha Higher Secondary School have raised their awareness of environmental and sanitation issues.

Before the project

Adarsha Higher Secondary SchoolAn existing well in the Dibyanagar village

Implementation of the project

Construction of the wellA constructed building with water tanks and taps

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