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First Publication of JWF Water Journal Issued

The JWF has issued its first publication, JWF Water Journal. JWF Water Journal is linked with the JWF’s annual event, World Water Day in Tokyo, for Future-proofing our Society. This journal is aimed at considering the long-term and wide-ranging scope of vision that will help form guidelines for action on water issues in the future. It is also meant to contribute to the promotion of various programs and innovations.

The inaugural issue of the Journal is intended to spread news of the outcomes of World Water Day in Tokyo 2017 as well as showing the focus areas of the JWF’s activities. The JWF intends to concentrate its efforts on solving water problems at home and abroad, transmitting Japan’s experience and expertise and presenting policy recommendations to the international community.

First Publication of JWF Water Journal (PDF, 5MB)

This journal is launched with grants from the Japan Society of Civil Engineers and the River Foundations, Japan.
(Reported by Sayoko Kuwahara, Manager)

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