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SMILE by WATER Project 2016 Completed!


Local people with constructed rainwater-harvesting tanks

In response to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted in September 2015 at United Nations Headquarters, Junior Chamber International (JCI) Japan has launched “SMILE by WATER Campaign” and decided to deploy a movement with aiming to achieve “Goal 6: Ensure access to water and sanitation for all”.
Junior Chamber International Japan

In the first year of the campaign, JCI Japan has carried out “SMILE by WATER Project 2016″ in collaboration with Japan Water Forum aiming at ensuring safe drinking water in rural communities of Bangladesh.

 Details of the Project in 2016
1) Title
SMILE by WATER Project 2016

2) Project Site
Morrelganj Upazila, Khulna Division, Bagerhat District, Bangladesh

20161114_bangladesh 20161114_khulna
Bangladesh Khulna Division

3) Beneficiaries
・100 households, 400500 people (Average member per a family: 4-5 people)
・Local government, local NGOs, local intellectuals and social workers

4) Project period
May to October 2016

5) Local partner
People for Rainwater Bangladesh
Skywater Bangladesh LTD.

6) Problems
Project sites are typical underprivileged and marginalize villages.  People living in these village depend on unsafe wells and ponds as water resources for domestic use as well as for drinking water. Although they have small incomes, households must spend cash on medical supplies and attention for water-borne diseases such as diarrhea and for purchasing water from suppliers in order to meet their needs in the dry season. Fetching water is daily burden for women and the cost of buying water is stressing household economy.

7) Output
・Preparation and identification of beneficiaries
・Workshops and meetings with  stakeholders
・Installing rainwater-harvesting tanks in 100 households (2 tanks in each)
・Awareness raising and capacity building
Follow-up visit to each household
・Water quality test

8) Potential Impact
・100 households safe able to access safe drinking water throughout the year.
・Time for fetching water can be saved.
・The cost for purchasing water and medical cost for water-borne disease can be reduced.

Before the project

20161121_sbw_1 20161121_sbw_2
People using water from pond as drinking water Women fetching water from pond

Implementation of the project

20161121_sbw_baseline-survey 20161121_sbw_social-map
Baseline survey Making social map of the village
20161121_sbw_upazila-worlshop 20161121_sbw_om-training
Workshop at the upazila level Training on operation and maintenance
20161121_sbw_tanks 20161121_sbw_amamizu-system
Factory of rainwater-harvesting tank Constructed rainwater-harvesting tanks
20161121_sbw_handwashing-day 20161121_sbw_follow-up-visit
Campaign on Global Hand Washing Day Follow-up visit

We are greatly grateful to all participated households, local partners, the local governments, JCI Japan and JCI Bangladesh for your cooperation.

(Reported by Sae Ishihara, Manager)

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