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JWF Fund 2014 follow-up completed!

What is the JWF Fund?
Japan Water Forum (JWF) Fund was established in 2005 to support organizations which work aiming at solving water-related issues at a grass-roots level. It is formed and operated by utilizing membership fees of JWF and donations to “Charity for Water”.
During the past 11 years, 150 projects were implemented and more than 189,900 people were benefited in Asia-Pacific, Africa, Central America and South America regions. 

What is the follow-up observation?
We put a priority on reacting to the issues and needs in the field efficiently and effectively. To grasp the changes of the issues and needs after the completion of the projects, we have decided to carry out follow-up observations of the projects in 2014, in which we expect to collect the information on effects and impacts of the projects.
In the first year of the follow-up observations, two organizations have willingly accepted our request and provided information of the current situation of the project implemented village.

Japan Water Forum Fund 2014 follow-up  report (PDF)

The projects implemented in JWF Fund 2014

1. Construction of 1 open well, 1 Eco-San toilet, and holding 3 trainings in WASH programs in the community of Tsimelekofe (#T1-024)

・Country/ Area: Togo/ Kpalimé
・Project period: December 2014 to May 2015
・Number of beneficiaries (direct and indirect): 250 people and 280 people respectively
・Cost: 1,219 US dollars (1,000 US dollars from the JWF Fund, 219 US dollars as beneficiaries’ cash and in kind contributions)
・Reported by Mr. Yawo Agbeko Tsevi

Constructed well with village people

2.Health and sanitation improvements in the House of life and hope centre to pauper and the disable at Mowoh village-Cameroon (#T1-029)

・Organization: St Vincent de Paul-Limbe
・Country/ Area: Cameroon/ Limbe
・Project period: December 2014 to May 2015
・Number of beneficiaries: 5,400 (400 paupers and 5,000 residents)
・Cost: 1,186 US dollars (1,000 US dollars from the JWF Fund, 186 US dollars as beneficiaries’ contributions)
・Reported by Late Cletus Yuh Keji

Biogas pit latrine with local people

(Reported by Sae Ishihara, Manager)

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