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4℃ AQUA PROGRAM 2014 Completed!

The jewelry brand 4℃, deployed by YONDOSHI HOLDINGS INC., was born with a concept that the brand wants to be like water which does not change essence even though change the appearance. 4℃ AQUA PROGRAM aims to bring beauty and inspire the women of developing countries who face serious water and hygiene problems. 4℃ AQUA PROGRAM established in 2008 is a joint project with YONDOSHI HOLDINGS INC. and Japan Water Forum.

4℃ official website “Responsibility to Society”

This year, JWF carried out the project in Sri Lanka. The details are described below.

Details of 4℃ AQUA PROGRAM 2014
1) Title
Promotion of Roof Rainwater Harvesting among 7 families living in Mahakachchakodiya, Vavuniya, Sri Lanka

2) Project Site
Mahakachchakodiya, Vavuniya, Northern Province, Sri Lanka

20161013_sri-lanka 20161013_project-site_en
Sri Lanka Mahakachakodiya, Vavuniya, Northern Province

3) Beneficiaries
14 households, 120 persons

4) Project period
October 2014 to May 2016

5) Local partner
Lanka Rain Water Harvesting Forum (LRWHF)

6) Problems
Water resources are limited in the Northern provinces of Sri Lanka. Ground water is the only source of water in this area and has also been over exploited or contaminated. As a result during the dry season people experience water scarcity, the dug wells and tube wells dry up and people have to travel a long distance to fetch water.
In addition to that, a new form of kidney disease has started spreading in the Dry Zone of Sri Lanka. The occurrence is mainly amongst males of age group 30–60 years engage in agriculture. Almost 80% of these patients eventually die from kidney failure within the first two years after diagnosis. High prevalence of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients has become an environmental health issue of national concern in Sri Lanka.

7) Output
・Rainwater harvesting tanks (8,000 liters size in each) were installed in 14 households.
・Capacity building of masons from the area was conducted to construct rainwater harvesting systems
・Operation and maintenance training was conducted to each household.

8) Impact
・Each household can secure and use 10 liters of rainwater per a person for the purposes of living including drinking during dry season.
・Trained households are able to maintain constructed rainwater harvesting tank.
・Women are released from daily burdens of fetching water.
・The cost for purchasing water can be reduced.
・Instead of using well-water, using rainwater will prevent beneficiaries from onset and progress of kidney diseases.


20161116_aqua-2014_1 20161116_aqua-2014_5
Constructed tanks and households
20161116_aqua-2014_2 20161116_aqua-2014_4
Operation and maintenance training

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