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TORAY CSR Project: My Clean and Healthy Toilet 2015 Completed!

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Head of Education and Culture of
West Lombok Regency visiting the site (Left)
Dialogue session at an elementary school

The TORAY and JWF have been developing a joint project aimed at the resolution of water problems, especially supply safe drinking water and promote understanding about sanitation from 2010.

Since 2011, Toray Industries, Inc. and JWF have been involved in a joint project for improving water and sanitary conditions at elementary schools in Lombok, Indonesia. This is one of Toray’s CSR activities aimed at contributing to the creation of a sustainable society.

In 2015, the fifth year of the project, we compiled an outcome document detailing the first four years of activities and presented it to local governments, hoping that it would be useful for the management of elementary schools in the target area. The details are described bellow.

Details of the project in the past four years
1) Project site
West Lombok Regency, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia


2) Beneficiaries
School children and teachers, about 3,364 people
List of schools: SDN 1 Kedaro, SDN 4 Kadaro, SDN 3 Kedaro, SDN Gili Asahan, SDN Gili Gede, SDN 1 Batu Putih, SDN 2 Batu Putih, SDN 3 Batu Putih, SDN 4 Batu Putih, SDN 5 Batu Putih, SDN 1 Pelangan and SDN 6 Pelangan

3) Output
Awareness raising on water and sanitation & building facilities

  • Installation of rainwater harvesting tanks: 26 tanks
  • Building & renovating toilets: 9 toilets
  • Awareness raising activities & training sessions: 27 times

4) Impact
Construction of facilities for supplying clean water and sanitary toilets promoted hand-washing and the elimination of open defecation. Through awareness-raising activities and training, children have learnt about the relationship between water and sanitation, and water and education. As a result, they have become familiar with healthy behavior and put it into practice. As for the maintenance of the facilities, we encouraged them to create a self-management system. Now the children have begun to take turns cleaning the toilets.

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Rainwater harvesting tank Children cleaning toilets

Details of the project in 2015
1) Project Site
West Lombok Regency, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia

2) Beneficiaries
Public elementary and secondary school children and stakeholders in West Lombok
・School children and teachers in SDN 1 Peranga, 291 people
・Public elementary school and secondary school

3) Output
Inviting a Head of Education and Culture of West Lombok Regency to;

  • Presentation of the outcome document
  • Site visit at SDN1 Pelangan(rainwater-harvesting tanks, toilets)
  • Dialogue session (on results, challenges and future activities)

4) Impact
Stakeholders learned that improving water and sanitary conditions is very important for a creating better learning environment. It has become widely understood that the support of local governments is crucial in promoting and supporting voluntary activities of schools. Therefore, the Head of Education and Culture of West Lombok Regency has promised to give active support. Though this project was completed in 2015, activities for improving water and sanitary conditions in elementary schools continue under the auspices of the Education and Culture Department.

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Children in class Water container for washing hands
(“Cuci tangan dulu” means “Let’s wash hands” in the local language.)

We are grateful to Toray Industries, Inc. , our local partner, and stakeholders in elementary and secondary schools for supporting this project. Thanks to your cooperation, we could make the project a great success.

JWF continues to try solving water – related problems through grass-roots activities collaborated with our support members.

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