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4th Kyoto World Water Grand Prize: Project completed!

Kyoto World Water Grand Prize aims to praise organization involved in grassroots activities dealing with water problems, which may serve as a model for others. The prize has been held since 2003 with the World Water Forum which is the international conference held once every three years.

In the 4th edition of the prize, Japan Water Forum (JWF) which organized the 3rd World Water Forum, took over the Kyoto City’s role and co-organized the prize with World Water Council.
Upon calling for nomination, 110 organizations from 37 countries which aim at solving water-related problems at grassroots level applied for the prize.

After careful consideration, Environment and Public Health Organization (ENPHO) in Nepal was selected as a grand prize winner. ENPHO, which established in 1990, carries activities aiming to appropriate technology development and promotion  in the field of the environment and public health. ENPHO has many past results of support and cooperative projects with nationally and globally and their activities are highly professional and reliability, therefore, was awarded to the grand prize and expected to transmit their activities to serve as a model for others internationally. As a prize money, 2,000,000 JPY was awarded to ENPHO.

We would like to thank the seven Japanese corporations that financially supported the organization of the prize as well as the implementation of the project in Nepal.
7 corporate sponsors; SHIMADZU CORPORATION, Kajima Corporation, Taisei Corporation, TOKEN C.E.E Consultants Co., Ltd., KAWAI SAKUSEN KOGYO CO., LTD., PACIFIC CONSULTANTS CO., LTD. and Bruce Travel co., ltd.

With awarded 2,000,000 JPY, ENPHO carried out a project in Nepal from May 2015 to June 2016.  The details are described below.

Details of the project
1) Title
Support School for Improved Learning (SUSIL) Project

2) Project site
Birendranagar, Surkhet District, Bheri Zone, Nepal

20160906_4th kyotoprize_map1 20160906_4th kyotoprize_map2
Nepal Bheri Zone

3) Beneficiaries
Direct beneficiaries;  4,250 pupils, 240 teachers
Indirect beneficiaries; 10,000 community people

4) Project period
May 2015 to June 2016

5) Local partner
Environment and Public Health Organization (ENPHO)

6) Problems
The challenges on safe water, sanitation and hygiene are prominent in the Mid-Western Region of Nepal. The region’s water and sanitation access coverage is less among all the other regions. Similarly the diarrheal cases under five years are the highest among all five regions of Nepal.  In addition, the heavy rainfall in August 2014 has caused massive flooding and landslide in Surkhet District , ruining major WASH components at schools and risking the health of thousands of students; the death toll is rising on daily basis.

7) Output
-Advance preparations
・Baseline survey and initial assessment on water and sanitation in more than 40 schools
・Design and Estimate each different 11 selected schools
・Conclusion of Memorandum of Understanding with different 11 selected schools

-Project activities
・Inception workshop
・Forming of child clubs and conducting WASH orientations
・Hand washing campaign
・Construction and repair of  drinking water and sanitation facilities
・Training on operation and maintenance in schools
・Closing workshop for sharing and handover

8) Impact
・WASH facilities in schools were improved*.
・Pupils and teachers could get information on water, sanitation and hygiene and behave in good manners.
・Outcome of the project is expected to be disseminated to other schools.

*Number of repaired toilet; 5 schools, 5 toilets
Number of constructed toilet; 3 schools, 3 toilets
Constructed drinking water facilities; 11 schools, 26 facilities

Before the project

20160909_4th-kyoto_1 20160909_4th-kyoto_2
Toilet with broken door before the project Student drinking water from the tap directly

Implementation of the project

20160909_4th-kyoto_8 20160909_4th-kyoto_3
Inception workshop Concluding the Memorandum of Understanding
20160909_4th-kyoto_4 20160909_4th-kyoto_5
Hand washing campaign Constructed toilet with a hand washing facility
20160909_4th-kyoto_6 20160909_4th-kyoto_7
Constructed drinking water facility with students Closing workshop for sharing and handover

(Reported by Sae Ishihara, Manager)

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