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Youth Session: “Inter-generational Water Dialog: The Future We Want 2024” at the Japan Pavilion, 10th World Water Forum

Japan Water Forum (JWF) organized a session titled “Inter-generational Water Dialog: The Future We Want 2024” at the Japan Pavilion of the 10th World Water Forum on May 21, 2024. This session aimed to showcase water-related initiatives led by Japanese youth and facilitate intergenerational dialogue with youth and adults from around the world.

Hokkaido Tomikawa High School and Fukuoka Institute of Technology Jyoto High School, which had submitted videos for the Youth Water Forum 2023, were represented by high school students from Japan. They presented their water-related initiatives in English to an international audience.

During the session, four high school students presented their water-related activities in English, showcasing their video submissions to the Youth Water Forum.

Students from Tomikawa High School highlighted their ongoing support activities for the locally managed water system in Hidaka Town, Hokkaido, including water quality testing and digitizing water pipelines. They emphasized the importance of maintaining local water supply amid population decline through their activities. During the session, they expressed their commitment to continuing the work of their predecessors and contributing to the community, while also promoting the importance of autonomous water supply systems.

Students from Joto High School presented their continuous survey of the Wajiro Tidal Flat near their school, emphasizing the current state of the tidal flat and the importance of ecosystem conservation. They stated that individual awareness changes could significantly impact the future state of the tidal flat and expressed their goal of connecting their activities to tidal flat conservation worldwide. They emphasized their commitment to protecting the tidal flat and leaving a beautiful environment for future generations. During the session, they also highlighted the importance of spreading awareness and involving more people in the conservation efforts.

Presentation by Fukuoka Institute of Technology Jyoto High School
Presentation by Hokkaido Tomikawa High School
Interaction with youth
Comments from youth

(Reported by Koutoku Takeishi, Assistant Manager)

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