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The outcomes of the 2nd JWF webinar in Fy2023

On Tuesday January 16, 2024, we hosted the 2nd JWF webinar about “A4CSEL(Quad ACSEL), a next-generation construction production system with automatic operation of construction machinery.”

A4CSEL (Quad ACSEL):Automated / Autonomous / Advanced / Accelerated Construction system for Safety , Efficiency , and Liability

Date: January 16 (Tue) 2024 16:00(Japanese time)

Speakers:Kajima Corporations, Civil Engineering Management Division

Mr. Yasunobu Nasuno, General Manager

Mr. Kenji Terauchi, Deputy General Manager, Construction Technology Department,

Ms. Misako Yoshida, Deputy Manager, Productivity Promotion Department,    

Mr. Hitoshi Numoto, Senior Manager, Construction Technology Department,


In this webinar, after explaining the background of the development of A4CSEL (addressing the decrease and aging of construction industry workers, and a high incidence of labor accidents), the presentation outlines the achievements with the “Automatic Construction Management System” utilizing A4CSEL, with a specific focus on its application at the Naruse Dam, a CSG dam. The following summarization was provided:

1. The optimization efforts for the construction of Naruse Dam involve the use of advanced technologies such as automation.

2. By introducing automation technology, it will be possible to manage not only construction method and construction quality but also each task on site that previously depended on individual skills.

3. These efforts aim to improve construction efficiency, reduce labor requirements, enhance safety, and minimize the environmental impact of construction activities.

Please refer to the following URLs on Kajima Corporation’s website for more information about A4CSEL.

What is A4CSEL?

A4CSEL | Technology & Services | KAJIMA CORPORATION

These are Kajima’s civil engineering technology videos, including A4CSEL at Naruse dam. We can see A4CSEL are utilized not only in dams but also in various other applications such as tunnels or  space exploration.

Reported by Hirohisa Suzuki, project coordinator.

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