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JWF Fund 2023 is now open for applications!

JWF Fund 2023

 Japan Water Forum starts to call for application for the JWF Fund 2023. Considering that clean water, sanitation and hygiene play a vital role in preventing infectious diseases including COVID-19, we will highly appreciate proposals of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) projects again as last year. The application period for this year is 17:00 27 June to 18:00 27 July, 2023 (JST). We are going to select about 5 organizations this year.

To apply for the fund, please read through the guidelines beforehand and use the prescribed application form.
Please visit the following online form to get the guidelines and prescribed application form.

We hope that it will become a certain step to solve water-related issues at the grass-roots level. We look forward to receiving your applications!

JWF Fund

 The Japan Water Forum Fund (JWF Fund) was founded in 2005 and is solely operated by JWF. The JWF Fund aims to contribute to solving local water-related issues in developing countries by assisting the implementation of sustainable solutions led by grass-roots organizations. Every year, the JWF publicly seeks out projects to assist and provides grants up to 1,500USD per project adopted after due assessment. We value the projects which utilize local resources, knowledge and technologies, and establish a sustainable operation and maintenance scheme.

During the past 19 years, the JWF Fund supported 194 projects in 32 countries, benefiting more than 268,000 people. The JWF Fund is made up of JWF membership fees of the JWF members and general donations.

The JWF Fund 2022 was conducted where 5 projects from 5 countries were selected out of projects submitted from 32 countries.

(Reported by Takejiro Suzuki, Project Manager)

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