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Darvish Yu Water Fund: Completion report of the 15th Project in Nepal

In March 2007, Darvish Yu, a member of the San Diego Padres Major League baseball team, established the Darvish Yu Water Fund in collaboration with the Japan Water Forum to supply safe and clean water to those in need in developing countries. Since then, he has contributed to the fund by donating JPY 100,000 for every one of his winning games during the regular season.
So far, the Fund has subsidized 15 projects in 11 countries.

15th Project : Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion at Gyanodaya Secondary School in Nepal


This project was implemented in a school where the existing water supply system had deteriorated, preventing students from practicing good hygiene and subjecting them to water-related diseases. The project improved inclusive access to water, sanitation and hygiene services. It also improved the hygiene behavior of students, teachers, and the wider community.

After the project
Students washing hands with tap water
Student cleaning toilet
1.Project site

Gyanodaya Secondary School, Gandaki province, Nepal

Location of Project Site

Created with


Approximately 840 students and teachers at the school, and local residents

3.Project period

January to December 2022

4.Local partner

Nepal Water for Health (NEWAH)

5.Water problems at the target site (before the project)
  • The school is one of the oldest in Bobang village. It had suffered from a scarcity of water for a long time, as the existing water access point was non-functional.
  • The school’s toilets were not in use due to a lack of water.
  • Students had to go home or to a nearby stream to get drinking water, which affected their attendance. This tendency to miss classes hampered their studies.
  • There were often cases of water-borne diseases among the students.
  • Adopting hand washing behavior was next to impossible without an adequate water supply.
6.Project summary

The MoU was signed by Gyanodaya Secondary School, the local government and NEWAH, and work began. Activities included constructing an intake facility, a reservoir tank, and two tap-stands, as well as implementing hygiene campaigns. The work was completed about three months behind schedule. After completion, the water quality of both tap stands was confirmed to be satisfactory.
All the facilities were handed over to the School Management Committee and they are now planning to establish an operations and maintenance fund for sustainability of the project.

Project activities

  • Construction of one intake facility at a spring
  • Construction of one reservoir tank (4m3) and pipeline
  • Installation of 2 tap stands with 5 faucets each
  • Installation of a water connection to school latrines
  • Water quality testing
  • Training and campaign on WASH for Child Club members, the School Management Committee, the School WASH Committee and local residents
  • Maintenance training for a caretaker
  • Increased and inclusive access to improved water, sanitation and hygiene services in Gyanodaya Secondary School
  • Decrease in cases of water-borne diseases among the students
  • Increased attendance of students
  • Improved hygiene behaviors of students, teachers and local residents

This project contributes to progress towards the achievement of SDGs, especially the following goals:
 SDG 3 Good health and well-being
 SDG 4 Quality education
 SDG 6 Clean water and sanitation
 SDG 17 Partnerships for the goals

8.Voices of the beneficiaries

Female student, 14 years old
There is now easy access to clean drinking water at school. Before the project, I used to carry water from home and sometimes went to other houses outside the school compound to drink water. I thank the donors and NEWAH for providing clean drinking water and a toilet connection in my school.

Headmaster of Gyanodya Secondary School, Male
I feel very happy to have adequate access to clean drinking water in my school now. Before this project there was only one tap stand, which was not enough for around 800 students. Now there is a reservoir tank of 4m3 inside the school compound, which is very important to us. The issue of students frequently leaving the school for drinking water is now solved and I would like to thank NEWAH and the Darvish Yu Water fund for their support.

Before the project
Non-functional water point  
Toilet not in use due to a lack of water    
During the project
Community contribution to installation of pipelines   
Hygiene training with Child Club    
Cleaning activities by students
Hygiene Campaign with community

The project was carried out by NEWAH in cooperation with people from the school, the community, and other stakeholders, by means of the Darvish Yu Water Fund, supported by Darvish Yu (a member of the San Diego Padres of Major League baseball team) and many other donors.
We offer our sincere thanks to all for your warm support and cooperation.

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(Reported by Tabata Miyo, Manager)

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