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JWF News ❘ 18 May 2022

【JWF News Vol. 216】18 May 2022

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・Announcement from the Japan Water Forum
 - Outcomes of the 4th Asia-Pacific Water Summit (APWS)

・Announcement from the Japan Water Forum

– Outcomes of the 4th Asia-Pacific Water Summit (APWS)

Asia-Pacific Water Forum (APWF), which Japan Water Forum conducts the secretariat, and Kumamoto City successfully organized the 4th Asia-Pacific Water Summit (APWS) on 23 (Sat)-24 (Sun)April 2022 under the theme of “Water for Sustainable Development: best practices and the next generation.”

 We organized the 4th APWS in a hybrid format of Kumamoto Castle Hall and online. We originally planned to hold it in October 2020, but we had to postpone the global spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) infection and other factors. On the other hand, the need to accelerate action while reviewing past measures to improve water security became more apparent. Therefore, we provided an opportunity for the government leaders to express their countries’ practices to each government leader and confirm and gain confidence that the government leader’s strong leadership is essential to solving water issues.  

 As a result, Their Majesties The Emperor and Empress kindly participate in the 4th APWS online. In addition, his Majesty gave his commemorative lecture titled “Heart, Minds and Water ~Touching Water in People’s Beliefs ~ Moreover, as a host country representative, we were honored to have Prime Minister Fumio Kishida participate in the 4th APWS at Kumamoto Castle Hall and deliver the keynote speech at the Head of State and Government (HSG) Meeting in addition to his opening address in the Opening Ceremony. From other countries, 17 HSG, 19 ministers (Table 1), 28 leaders of international organizations, and ambassadors in Tokyo participated in the 4th APWS. The “Kumamoto Declaration,” the outcome of the 4th APWS, was adopted unanimously by the HSG who participated in the 4th APWS. Furthermore, we were able to organize the 9 Parallel Thematic Sessions, 4 Integration Sessions, and 2 Special Sessions by gaining the cooperation and collaboration from experts and practitioners, etc., to kindly respond to the questions from the HSG in line with the Kumamoto Declaration. As the achievement of these discussions, we were also able to adopt the 4th APWS Chairs Summary in the Closing Ceremony.

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(Reported by Yumiko Asayama, Manager)

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JWF News Vol. 216 / 18 May 2022
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