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Report on the 4th Joint Executive Committee Meeting of the 4th Asia-Pacific Water Summit (APWS)

The 4th meeting of the Joint Executive Committee (JEC) of the 4th APWS was held in writing dated 19th July 2021. The secretariat made a report to the committee members on the progress of preparations for the 4th APWS that will take place on  23rd and 24th in 2022. We received constructive feedback from each committee member on the conference style options with due consideration of the COVID-19 situation in each country as well as how to reflect the perspectives of water governance challenges and cross-sector partnerships in the summit agenda. The next 5th JEC meeting will be held online in this October, where we will seek advice on the decision of the conference style among others. The APWF and the City of Kumamoto will advance the preparations for the 4th APWS, based on the valuable feedback from the committee members.

(Reported by Reiko Yoshii, Manager)

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