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Join us! The 4th JWF Webinar about continuous efforts for stable water supply in Yokohama

Water supply is one of the most fundamental infrastructures for human life. Still, many water utilities are struggling to manage water supply business, particularly in developing countries. The achievement of stable water supply in Japan is the result of secure daily management and operations besides advanced technology.

Actually, the core technology of water supply system is almost the same in any countries, but the situation of stable water supply is considerably different. What makes this difference is how well daily management and operations are implemented.

This webinar will introduce continuous efforts of YWWB, which developed the first modern waterworks in Japan, for stable water supply from the aspect of daily management and operations.

Date and Time22nd September 2021
speakerMr. NAKAI Kazunori
Manager of Southern Water Distribution Management
Yokohama Waterworks Bureau(YWWB)
TopicContinuous efforts for stable water supply in Yokohama



(Reported by Reiko Yoshii, Manager)

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