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Join us! The 2nd JWF webinar about Long-term Investment in Water-related Disaster Risk Reduction

The Second JWF Webinar will explore the knowledge and experiences accumulated through the history of fighting over water-related disasters such as flooding, debris flows, storm surges and tsunamis around Japan. It will focus on the achievement of long-term investment in flood mitigation projects in Japan, and analyze the continuous reduction of human and economic losses as one of the results of the investment in terms of governance, capacity building and financing. Now that international community, especially Asia-Pacific region, is confronting climate change, this webinar will bring you better understanding of how to adapt climate change.

◆Date and Time22nd June 2021 16:00~17:00(Japan Time)/ 7:00~8:00(UTC)
◆Speaker Mr. INOUE, Tomoo
Director-General, Water and Disaster Management Bureau
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
◆Topic  Long-term Investment in Water-related Disaster Risk Reduction



(Reported by Reiko Yoshii Manager)

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