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The 1st JWF Webinar: Water in Japan the lessons learned from failure in the history

Date & Time   28th May 2021 17:00~18:00(Japan Time)/ 8:00~9:00(UTC)

Speaker   Dr. Kotaro Takemura Secretary General Japan Water Forum

Topic Water in Japan the lessons learned from failure in the history

Overview Without addressing water, it would be impossible to achieve a sustainable society. Throughout its long history, Japan has faced and overcome various water-related challenges in an effort to realize a sustainable, safe, and secure society. In the past, Japan has also suffered from floods, storms, tsunamis, infectious diseases caused by water, and large-scale pollution. While some of these problems have been solved, we are still facing new challenges in the face of increasingly severe and frequent water-related disasters and pandemics.  

This Webinar aims to provide information that will contribute to the implementation of solutions to overcome the various water-related challenges. To make the most of the blessings of water and to protect people’s lives and livelihoods from water-related disasters, we will introduce the systems that Japan has built over the years, the inherent knowledge and culture, and the technologies and know-how developed through years of experience. The first webinar will feature an overview of water issues in Japan.



(Reported by Reiko Yoshii Manager)

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