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14th Meeting of the Committee for Basic Strategy of the Water Security Council of Japan (WSCJ)

The 14th meeting of the Committee for Basic Strategy of the WSCJ was held at the Korakuen campus of Chuo University on May 23rd, after a gap of two and a half years. Participants reconfirmed that the recommendation, Towards a Low-Carbon and Sustainable Water and Material-Circulating Society (presented in October 2012) should be realized in the future. The newly-formed action teams made presentations on their activities. All attendees took part in the discussion, sharing information about the activities of action teams and committee members.

More than eighty people attended the meeting. There were vibrant discussions focusing on water and financing, water and energy, and Water and Material-Circulating Society

At the next meeting, they will discuss mainly the activities of the action teams and how to realize their goals by sharing details of their initiatives.

The Japan Water forum will continue to help making policy recommendations through the management of the secretariat of WSCJ.

Time &Date 14:00-17:00, Monday, May 23, 2016
Venue Room 31008, 10F, Building 3, Korakuen Campus of Science and Engineering Department, Chuo University
Attendees 84 people
Agenda 1. Opening
Dr. Norihito Tambo, Chair of the WSCJ’s Governing Council; President of the Hokkaido Research Organization; Professor Emeritus from Hokkaido University

2. Review of Past Activities and Prospects for the Future
Dr. Kotaro Takemura, Chair and Secretary General of Japan Water Forum
(Co-presenter: Dr. Nobuyuki Tsuchiya, Federation of Defense against Water Disasters in Zero-Meter Cities; Board Member and Technical Councilor of the Japan River Front Research Center)

3. Current Efforts Related to the Basic Plan on Water Cycle and Future Prospects(PDF)
Mr. Tetsutaro Sumi, Manager of Water Resources Division of the Water Resources Department at the MLIT (Manager at the Cabinet Secretariat Headquarters for Water Cycle Policy)

4. Japan Water Works Association’s Response to the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake (PDF)
Mr. Miki Ishii, manager of the Technical Division of the Japan Water Works Association Engineering Department

5.Progress Report of Study Group on Infrastructure Support Program by Linking Water and Green (PDF)
Mr. Michiaki Ishiguro, Co-Secretary-General,
Mr. Naoto Noda, member of Hannou City Council; Chair of Assembly of Western Saitama Regional Administration Association,
Mr. Yukio Kato, member of Hanno City Council;
Mr. Hiroshi Hiranuma, member of Hanno City Council




6. Discussion: Towards a Low-carbon and Sustainable Water and Material-Circulating Society

・Building National Resilience through Small Hydroelectric Generation and Promoting Regional Development<PDF>
Mr. Masaru Nakajima, Regional Small Hydropower Development Team; Secretary General of J-WatER

・COP21: The Paris Agreement is an Opportunity for Water Business”(PDF)
Mr. Kazunari Yoshimura, member of the WSCJ’s Governing Council; representative of Global Water Japan; Former United Nations technical advisor

・Making the Tamagawa River a World Heritage Site (PDF)
・Resource Circulating Communities through Subcritical Water Processing (PDF1)(PDF2)(PDF3)
Prof. Tadashi Yamada, Chuo University
(Co-presenter: Prof. Jun Matsushita, Research and Development Initiative, Chuo University)

7. Discussion

8. Closing
Dr. Norihito Tambo

※All PDF Datas are Japanese only.


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Chairman Dr. Tambo delivering the opening address Dr. Takemura reviewing past activities
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Mr. Yoshimura providing information Mr. Yamada making a comment
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Mr. Matsui making a comment A scene from the session room



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