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Join us for Worldwide Mission UCHIMIZU 2020!

Mission UCHIMIZU is a new type of social action to tackle global warming as well as the heat-island phenomenon by learning from the tradition of UCHIMIZU, an old custom of sprinkling water with a ladle or by hand on streets and gardens.

On March 11th, the WHO declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic. In Japan, the government declared a state of emergency across the country on April 7th.
Since then, the Mission UCHIMIZU headquarters (secretariat: Japan Water Forum) has been seeking ways to conduct Mission UCHIMIZU 2020 in this new living environment that no one had ever experienced. On June 3rd, we held an online meeting which was attended by experts from the water sector and event industry to discuss with stakeholders from across Japan on how to transform the social action known as Mission UCHIMIZU into something new.

As a result of the meeting, taking into consideration the safety of water for UCHIMIZU and hygiene issues, we have announced the Reiwa-style UCHIMIZU.

Furthermore, we intend to promote this year’s UCHIMIZU in the hope that water will reach people suffering from water shortages and who need clean water to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, we have decided to hold Worldwide Mission UCHIMIZU 2020, a first-ever event. People around world can join and sprinkle water anywhere, anytime on August 1st.

For details and the latest news, please visit the official website of Mission UCHIMIZU Headquarters.

<Outline of the Worldwide Mission UCHIMIZU 2020>

Time & Date Saturday, August 1st, Water Day*, 2020, anytime from morning until sunset
Venue Anywhere, for example, around participants’ homes
Organizer Mission UCHIMIZU Headquarters*
Participants Anyone around the world who wants to support the initiative
How to Join Post expressions of interest on the official website of the Mission UCHIMIZU Headquarters
  How to do the Reiwa-style UCHIMIZU (Coming soon)

For the press release on Mission Uchimizu 2020, please visit the website. (Japanese only)

*In 1997, the Japanese cabinet approved making August 1st Water Day. In 2014, Water Day was declared in line with the Basic Law on the Water Cycle.

*The Japan Water Forum serves as secretariat of Mission UCHIMIZU Headquarters.

(Reported by Sayoko Kuwahara, Manager) 

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