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The JWF Water Journal Digital Archive is now available

JWF Water Journal, the JWF’s official bulletin, was first issued in March, 2017. In conjunction with the annual Water Conference for Future, organized by the JWF, volumes 1 to 4 of JWF Water Journal have now been published. As with Water Conference for Future, the journal is aimed at presenting a wide-range, long-term vision of the future that acts as a guide for water action in the years to come. It is also intended to contribute to promoting of a variety of efforts and innovations in response to new national and global trends, including the SDGs, the Paris Agreement, and Japan’s Basic Plan on Water Cycle Policy. Furthermore, it can help publicize the programs and outcomes of Water Conference for Future, along with the perspectives of the Japan Water Forum.

Vol.1Thinking about Sustainability from JapanMarch, 2017
Vol.2Pathway toward Our Sustainable FutureMarch, 2018
Vol.3The Goals of the Water Security Council of JapanMarch, 2019
Vol.4What to Make and What to Leave Behind for the Next GenerationApril, 2020

Back issues of JWF Water Journal are available on the website. Click here to access them, along with the record of past meetings of Water Conference for Future.

(Reported by Sayoko Kuwahara, Manager)

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