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Mission UCHIMIZU 2020 will enrich a New Normal in the post-COVID-19 world

Mission UCHIMIZU is a new type of social action to tackle global warming as well as the heat-island phenomenon by learning from the tradition of UCHIMIZU, an old custom of sprinkling water with a ladle or by hand on streets and gardens.

On March 11th, the WHO declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic. In Japan, the government declared a state of emergency across the country on April 7th.
Since then, the Mission UCHIMIZU headquarters (secretariat: Japan Water Forum) has been seeking ways to call for action in this new living environment that no one has ever experienced. Therefore, we held an online meeting which was attended by experts from the water sector and event industry to discuss this year’s project with stakeholders from across Japan.

In the meeting, JWF suggested the launching of a new campaign, “Water for People in Need! – The water you sprinkle (UCHIMIZU) will turn into rain somewhere in the world.” Throughout the world, there are many people with no access to clean water, which is essential in the fight against the novel coronavirus. The origin of clean water is rain. Water that we sprinkle on the ground will evaporate in the heat of the sun, turn into clouds, and fall as rain somewhere in the world. JWF will promote this campaign, praying that the water will reach the people in need all over the world.

Please visit the official website of UCHIMIZU 2020 for details and the latest news. Relevant english pages will be available soon.

<Meeting Outline>

Date & Time 15:30-17:30(JST), Wednesday, 3rd June 2020 
Venue On the web conference system(Zoom、Facebook Live Streaming)
Organizer Mission UCHIMIZU Headquarter
Moderator Mr. Takeyuki SANADA, Captain, Mission UCHIMIZU Headquarter

・Ms. Yoko HIGUCHI, Chief Editor, EVENT MARKETING (Monthly Magazine)

・Prof. Hiroaki TANAKA, Research Center for Environmental Quality Management, Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University

・Mr. Shigenori ASAI, Grand Master, Mission UCHIMIZU Headquarter / Director, Japan Water Forum

Participants 18(Local UCHIMIZU organizers in Japan)
Audience 34(Live streaming)

(Reported by Sayoko KUWAHARA, Manager)

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