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Stockholm World Water Week (SWWW): JWF will co-organize the 5 sessions with its partner organizations in Asia and the World!

Stockholm World Water Week (SWWW) is the leading annual global event for concretely addressing the planet’s water issues and related concerns of international development.
The SWWW 2019 will take place 25-30 August at the Tele2 Arena, Stockholm Sweden.
In accordance with the SWWW 2019’s theme “Water for society – including all”, the JWF, as the Secretariat of the APWF will co-organize the following 4 Asia Focus Sessions with the APWF members, etc.

In additions, the JWF will organize the session which focused on the roles of private sectors to water-related disasters. It will be organized for the NoWNET to organize a session in SWWW for the first time in 11 years.

◆Asia Focus in Stockholm World Water Week 2019
Asia Pacific Water Forum (APWF) and its partners are to present the regional pathway from Yangon to Kumamoto City in advancing water security and sustainability at the Stockholm World Water Week (SIWW) 2019. Themed as “Water for Society – Including All”, SIWW offers APWF and its partners a global platform to share the steps, achievements and remaining gaps to bridge as assessed by Asia Water Development Outlook (AWDO) and through four Asia Focus sessions:
1. Water cycle management;
2. Rural water and sanitation;
3. Governance and inclusive development; and
4. Finance.

The focuses are in line with the Yangon Declaration: Pathway Forward, adopted by government leaders at the 3rd Asia Pacific Water Summit (APWS) in December 2017. Materiality, Connectivity and Scalability are three important dimensions that guide the debate and discussion. The review and outputs will contribute to the 4th APWS in Kumamoto City of Japan, October 19-20, 2020.

Session title Water Cycle Management: towards water security in Asia and Pacific
Day / Time Tuesday, 27 Aug 2019 14:00-15:30
Room L9
Co-conveners APWF, UNESCO Jakarta, International Water Management Institute (IWMI), Japan Sanitation Consortium, ICEWaRM, CSIRO, SEI Asia

Session webpage

Session title  Inclusive Asia-Pacific Rural Water and Sanitation :Pathways to the SDGs
Day / Time Tuesday, 27 Aug 2019  16:00-17:30
Room L9
Co-conveners  APWF, JWF, Global Water Institute (UNSW Australia), UNHABITAT

Session webpage


Session title  Asia Focus: Strengthening Governance to address Asia’s Water Challenges
Day / Time Wednesday, 28 Aug 2019  09:00-10:30
Room M6
Co-conveners  APWF, ADB, GWPO, UNHABITAT, ICHARM, SIWI, Water Integrity Network (WIN)

Session webpage


Session title  Asia Focus: Inclusive Financing for Water
Day / Time Wednesday, 28 Aug 2019  11:00-12:30
Room M6
Co-conveners  ADB, APWF, International Water Center (IWC)/Waterpreneurs, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD),, Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF), JICA

Session webpage


Asia Focus 2019_Flyer

Asia Focus 2019 Detail Programme

◆The Session which will be led by NoWNET
NoWNET is a network consisting of country-level water partnerships in the developed countries for sharing knowledge and promoting good water management practices.

*NoWNET was jointly initiated by World Water Council (WWC), Global Water Partnership (GWP) and the Steering Committee of the 3rd World Water Forum, Japan. Its members are currently GWP, WWC, Danish Water Forum (DWF), Japan Water Forum (JWF), Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP), Swedish Water House (SWH), Korea Water Forum (KWF), French Water Partnership (FWP), Finnish Water Forum (FWF), Portuguese Water Partnership (PWP), and Swiss Water Partnership (SWP). JWF has maintained a role as the secretariat ever since its launch.

Session title  Private Companies’ Roles Towards Water-Resilient Society, No-One-Is-Left-Behind
Day / Time Thursday: 29 August, 9:00-10:30
Room L11
Co-conveners NoWNET, Internationa Lake Environment Commiteee (ILEC)

Session webpage

(Reported by Yumiko Asayama, Manager)

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