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Please support the JWF, which aims to address the water issues on the planet through its energy and commitment.

Support grass-roots activities to improve access to water, sanitation and hygiene in the developing world

"785 million people in the world lack access to basic drinking water service. Another 2 billion people do not have access to basic sanitation facilities (toilets). Hand washing is essential to prevent the spread of infectious diseases such as COVID-19, but 3 billion people do not have access to water and soap at home. Source: WHO/UNICEF JMP"

Your gift will help people gain access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene Projects.

About the Donation

About the donation

You can donate from 30 USD to the “Charity for Water” which used for JWF Fund and other grass-roots activities. However, we are sorry that you will burden bank transfer fee at your expense.

Please kindly let us know your name, address, telephone number and e-mail
You can get information of progress on project and the fund.

Bank transfer
Bank Name MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Branch Kojimachi-chuo
Account No 1372146
Bank Address 4-1 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Account Name Japan Water Forum

* We will appropriate the donations as fund for “Charity for Water” including overhead of remittance expense
* The personal information will not be used for anything other the above mentioned purpose and will be managed appropriately. We will not provide and disclosure the personal information to disinterested party except consent of the person in advance.

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