NoWNET Members' Meeting at 2016 World Water Week in Stockholm
August 31, 2016

1. Background

The NoWNET is a network consisting of country-level water partnerships in the developed countries for sharing knowledge and promoting good water management practices. At the previous meeting, the NoWNET members recognized that the strengths of NoWNET are that each member organization plays the role of a multi-stakeholder platform and can link all stakeholders together beyond national boundaries and that these connections, which cover Asian and European countries, are a strong asset. It was also clear that NoWNET members intended to work together for a common goal and to implement joint activities in the coming years.


To identify the concrete joint activity of the NoWNET and discuss how to put it in into practice through effective linkage with existing initiatives


Representatives from NoWNET members
Global Water Partnership (GWP), World Water Council (WWC), Danish Water Forum (DWF), Japan Water Forum (JWF), Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP), Korea Water Forum (KWF), French Water Partnership (FWP), Finnish Water Forum (FWF), Portuguese Water Partnership (PWP), Swiss Water Partnership (SWP)


Moderated by Mr. Ravi Narayanan, CBE, International Mentor of Japan Water Forum /
Chair, Governing Council, Asia-Pacific Water Forum

Opening Remarks/ Self-introduction

Presentation on the possible opportunities and themes/topics of the joint activity of the NoWNET:Mr. Shigenori Asai, Deputy Director, Japan Water Forum

Discussion on the joint activity of the NoWNET

Wrap-up of the discussion and confirmation of the next steps

Information exchange: Current key activities of each member organization