Transmitting Japanese Knowhow to the World

JWF makes efforts to diffuse Japan's accumulated water-related knowhow and technologies to the world at various international exhibitions and conferences.


World Water forum



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世界の水問題とその政策等を協議するため、世界水会議(フランスに本部を置く民間のシンクタンク)とホスト国が共催する国際会議。3年に1度、3月22日の「世界水の日」を含む期間に1週間程度開催され、2003年(平成15)には日本で第三回世界水フォーラムが開催されました。   The Northern Water Network (NoWNET) is a network of country level water partnerships in the industrialized countries for sharing knowledge, linking stakeholders, raising awareness and organizing meetings. The JWF has maintained a role as the Secretariat of the NoWNET since its establishment in 2004.


In Japan

Flood Fighting Drill Tour




Flood-fighting drills are held throughout Japan every year before the flooding season begins in order for flood fighters, residents and local government staff members in the community to learn, exercise, and improve levee protection techniques as well as to raise awareness about levee protection. This large scale drill is carried out in the regional bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of Japan in cooperation with the riparian prefectures/cities.


Other Projects


4-6 Mar 2013 Photo Display: Water and Disasters

26 Aug 2012 NoWNET Information Platform at 2012 World Water Week in Stochholm

8 Aug 2012  Japan Business Forum at Singapore International Water Week 2012

5-7 Jul 2011  Singapore International Water Week 2011

20-26 Sep 2010  JWF Week at the Shanghai EXPO

28 Jun – 2 Jul 2010  Singapore International Water Week 2010

22–26 Jun 2009  Singapore International Water Week 2009

16-22 Mar 2009  Water Expo at the 5th World Water Forum (Japanese contents)

10-13 Nov 2008  Water Expo China 2008 (Japanese contents)

23-27 Jun 2008  Singapore International Water Week 2008 (Japanese contents)

10-14 Sep 2006   The 5th IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition, Beijing (Japanese contents)

16-21 Mar 2006  Water Expo at the 4th World Water Forum (Japanese contents)



26 Sep 2016  JWF Communication Lounge 2016 ~City Development and Water Problem~

26 Nov 2015  Innovation in Water Management, Inchem 2015

5 June 2015  JWF Communication Lounge on the Urban On-Site Sanitation and Septage Management in Developing Countries

16 May 2015  Flood Fighting Drill Tour 2015

14 Nov 2014  A Variety of Perspectives on Water and the Next Step ―Business Seminar: Disclosure of Information about Water Risk Needed Now and Business Strategy―

23 Oct 2013  The 1st "Toilet Changes the World" Project Seminar on Sanitation "Changing the World through Toilet Innovation"

20 Sep 2013  "Toilet Changes the World" Project (tentative name)

14-16 Nov 2012  Innovation in Water Management, Green Innovation EXPO 2012

16-18 Nov 2011   INCHEM TOKYO 2011 (Japanese contents)

24 May 2010  Flood Fighting Tour 2010 (Japanese contents)

25 Feb 2010  Technical Visit during the Japan-Denmark Workshop on Climate Change and Water (Japanese contents)

17-19 Feb 2010  NEDO Water Solution, InterAqua2010

25 Jan 2010  Technical Visit during the Follow-up Conference of the International Year of Sanitation (Japanese contents)

16 May 2009  Flood Fighting Tour 2009

17 May 2008  Flood Fighting Tour 2008

19 May 2007  Flood Fighting Tour 2007

20 May 2006  Flood Fighting Tour 2006

BOP Water Business


Joint Report by World Resources Institute(WRI) and International Finance Corporation(IFC)
The Next 4 Billion defines that annual income under US$3,000 per household is a class of BOP. It is said that Approximately 4 billion people (about 72 per cent of the total world population) belong to the class of BOP. Japan Water Forum focuses on addressing water and sanitation problems which people defined in this category are facing, and is actively joining public awareness campaigns to tackle these problems in a sustainable business approach.


» Seminar on BOP Water Business, Green Innovation Expo 2012
» BOP Water Business Seminar in Singapore
» BOP Water Business Seminar at the 6th World Water Forum