Assistance for Grass-roots Projects

JWF carries out water supply and sanitation activities at the grass-roots level through assistance to NGOs and collaboration with local partners in developing countries.

JWF Fund

JWF Fund (Japan Water Forum Fund) is the initiative launched in 2005 by Japan Water Forum.  It provides the grants up to US$1,000 to the selected grass-roots organizations in developing countries addressing the water-related issues every year.


Conducted by YONDOSHI HOLDINGS INC. and the Japan Water Forum since 2008. The programs are implemented in developing countries where gender roles related to water and sanitation problem have remained


Darvish Yu Water Fund

In March 2007, Mr. Darvish established the “Darvish Yu Water Fund” in collaboration with the Japan Water Forum to solve water and sanitation problems in developing countries. He contributes to the Fund by donating JPY100,000 at every one of his winning games during the regular season.

Kyoto World Water Grand Prize

The prize was established in 2003 when the 3rd World Water Forum was held in Kyoto, Japan. It aims to find and develop outstanding grass-roots activities related to water issues around the world.

SMILE by WATER Project

Conducted by the Junior Chamber International Japan and the Japan Water Forum from 2016 to 2020, aiming to promote the Sustainable Development Goal 6, ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.


Conducted by Toray Industries, Inc. and the Japan Water Forum since 2011. The project is launched to solve water and sanitation problem in developing countries as part of Toray’s corporate social responsibility activities.

Toray Industries,Inc.

Project supported by TOTO

The project aims at human resource development for water-related disaster resilience adaptation and minimizing vulnerability in urban slums in Kolkata, India. It is supported by the 11th TOTO Water Environment Fund.