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Year 2015

18 March 2015 The JWF News Vol.126 has been published

18 February 2015 The JWF News Vol.125 has been published

12 January 2015 The JWF News Vol.124 has been published

Year 2014

17 December 2014 The JWF News Vol.123 has been published

26 November 2014 The JWF News Vol.122 has been published

15 October 2014 The JWF News Vol.121 has been published

17 September 2014 The JWF News Vol.120 has been published

20 August 2014 The JWF News Vol.119 has been published

16 July 2014 The JWF News Vol.118 has been published

18 June 2014 The JWF News Vol.117 has been published

21 May 2014 The JWF News Vol.116 has been published

16 April 2014 The JWF News Vol.115 has been published

19 March 2014 The JWF News Vol.114 has been published

19 February 2014 The JWF News Vol.113 has been published

22 January 2014 The JWF News Vol.112 has been published

Year 2013

18 December 2013 The JWF News Vol.111 has been published

20 November 2013 The JWF News Vol.110 has been published

23 October 2013 The JWF News Vol.109 has been published

25 September 2013 The JWF News Vol.108 has been published

21 August 2013 The JWF News Vol.107 has been published

26 July 2013 JWF Funds 2013: Call for Applications - Application period Ended -

14 July 2013 The JWF News Vol.106 has been published

14 June 2013 The JWF News Vol.105 has been published

14 June 2013 The 2nd Asia-Pacific Water Summit

14 June 2013 Japan Water Forum Exhibition Booth

14 June 2013 Technical Workshop "Sustainable Sanitation: Solutions for Realizing Universal Access by 2025 in Asia & the Pacific"

14 June 2013 49th WWC Board of Governors Meeting Held in Seoul

14 June 2013 Embassy Officials experienced Japanese Traditional Flood Fighting Drill

8 May 2013 The JWF News Vol.104 has been published

8 May 2013 Report of the 2nd Research on Water Supply and Sanitation Project in Myanmar

22 May 2013 The JWF News extra edition "The 2nd Asia-Pacific Water Summit" has been published

17 Apr 2013 The JWF News Vol.103 has been published

9 Apr 2013 Darvish Yu Water Fund 7th Project: Enhancing Access to Safe Drinking Water and Improving Sanitation in Schools in Ganawuri Completed!

27 Mar 2013 The JWF News Vol.102 has been published

25 Mar 2013 Photo Display: Water and Disasters

1 March 2013 48th WWC Board of Governors Meeting Held

27 Feb 2013 Invitation to the Photo Display: Water and Disasters

21 Jan 2013 Meeting with 2015 World Water Forum Planning Office, Ministry of Land, Transport, and Maritime Affairs and Korea Water Forum towards the 7th World Water Forum

Year 2012

19 Dec 2012 The JWF News Vol.99 has been published

12 Dec 2012 6th General Assembly of World Water Council (WWC) and Election of Board of Governors

12 Dec 2012 12th Governing Council Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Water Forum

11 Dec 2012 Seminar on BOP Water Business: Encouraging Japanese Businesses' Spirit of Challenge

10 Dec 2012 JWF Communication Lounge

9 Dec 2012 Green Innovation EXPO 2012 Cooperated in planning exhibition on "Innovation in Water Management"

21 Nov 2012 The JWF News Vol.98 has been published

15 Nov 2012Installing Rainwater Harvesting Tanks Project (Konakubuk wawe Village, Kandy, Sri Lanka) (2012)

15 Nov 2012 Joint Project with Toray:Installation of Rainwater Harvesting Tanks at a School in Indonesia (Lombok, Indonesia) (2012)

17 Oct 2012 The JWF News Vol.97 has been published

17 Oct 2012 Launch of a Program: Installing rainwater tanks and Promoting local business by Microfinancing

17 Oct 2012 Recipients of JWF Fund 2012 Decided

17 Oct 2012 NoWNET Information Platform 2012 at SWWW 2012

17 Oct 2012 Eye on Asia, High-level Panel Debate - Water and Food Security for All in Asia

17 Oct 2012 Seminar Marking Disaster Prevention Day

19 Sep 2012 Seventh Project of Darvish Yu Water Fund Starts

19 Sep 2012 Joint Project with 4℃: Aqua Program 2011 Completed

19 Sep 2012 Sixth Project of Darvish Yu Water Fund Completed

10 Aug 2012 Mission Uchimizu 2012 Starts (Japanese page)

9 Aug 2012 Lecture: Water and Energy Security in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries

9 Aug 2012 Seminar on BOP Water Business in 2012 at Singapore International Water Week

9 Aug 2012 Japan Business Forum at SIWW2012

8 Aug 2012 11th Governing Council Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Water Forum

18 July 2012 Mission Uchimizu 2012 Starts on July 22 (Taisho, the hottest day of the year)
                   (Japanese page)

12 July 2012 Installation of Submersible Drainage Pumps

12 July 2012 Follow-Up Survey of Rainwater Project at Temporary Housing

4th July 2012 Joint Project with 4℃: Aqua Program 2012, Installing Rainwater Harvesting Tanks in a Village in Sri Lanka, where Wells are Contaminated

3rd July 2012 Projects Supported by JWF Fund 2011 Completed

29 June 2012 JWF Fund 2012: Call for Applications

29 June 2012 The JWF News News Extra Edition has been published

5 June 2012 Flood Fighting Drill Tour 2012

24 May 2012 Joint Project with 4℃:Aqua Program 2011

24 May 2012 AQUA PROGRAM 2011 Promote of Roof rainwater harvesting among 36 families living
in Weheragala Janapadaya, Kandy, Indonesia

24 May 2012 TORAY's Torayvino Fund, "Into Newsly - Born Fresh Water" 3rd Project

24 May 2012Charity for Water Installing rainwater tanks and Promoting local business by Microfinancing

23 May 2012 The JWF News Vol.92 has been published

23 May 2012 Sixth Project of the Darvish Yu Water Fund

23 May 2012 Foundation of Micro-Finance in Indonesia

23 May 2012 Completion of the 2nd Project of the Toray’s Torayvino Fund, Into Newly-Born Fresh Water

18 Apr 2012 The JWF News Vol.91 has been published

19 Mar 2012 The JWF News Vol.90 has been published

1 Feb 2012 The JWF News Vol.89 has been published

20 Jan 2012 Darvish Yu Water Fund November 2011, Follow-up visit

11 Jan 2012 The JWF News Vol.88 has been published

11 Jan 2012  Site Information of the Project for the improvement of water supply and sanitation for
working women and children in Sri Lanka

11 Jan 2012  Follow-up Report on Madiwaka Women's Drinking Water and Sanitation Project

Year 2011

20 Dec 2011  Call for Exhibition at the JWF Booth, Japan Pavilion at the 6th World Water Forum (Japanese contents)

19 Dec 2011 The JWF News Vol.87 has been published

19 Dec 2011  Progress Report on Rainwater Project for Temporary Housing Communities in Disaster Stricken Areas

5 Dec 2011  The 10th Governing Council Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Water Forum was held

30 Nov 2011  2nd Asia-Pacific Water Summit has been postponed

22 Nov 2011  INCHEM Tokyo 2011: Exhibition and Presentation by Team Water Japan (Japanese contents)

17 Nov 2011  Report on the Joint Project with WaterAid: Environmental Hygiene Improvement Project in Bangladesh (Japanese contents)

2 Nov 2011  The JWF News Vol.86 has been published