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What's Uchimizu?

UCHIMIZU, an old Japanese tradition that consists in sprinkling water to purify the “surroundings” before welcoming guests, has been observed since the Edo period. This practice also has the effect of cooling down summer heat and laying the dust on the street.


Photo by Mr. Masahi Sakamoto, courtesy of Mission Uchimizu Headquarters


  Mission Uchimizu


Mission UCHIMIZU is a citizen’s movement to tackle global warming as well as the heat-island phenomenon by learning from the tradition of UCHIMIZU. People sprinkle water on the streets concurrently at a designated time.

Photo by courtesy of Mission Uchimizu Headquarters


A specialist of the Public Work Research Institute (PWRI) caluculated that if people sprinkled water in approximately half area of Tokyo, the tempareture at noon would decrease by 2-2.5 degrees across Tokyo

Sparying water on the streets and sidewalks to cool down summer heat!

Water for UCHIMIZU
The most important rule while practicing Uchimizu is NOT to use tap-water, but used water, rainwater and so on.


Check out the Japanese Web page
See more details at Mission UCHIMIZU website (Japanese contents)


Water-saving is a simple way of beginning to protect this precious resource !

A single activity may look trivial, but the accumulation of many such small efforts will certainly be significant.

We are calling for candidates for "Water-saving leaders" whose mission will be to develop and promote activities related to water and water conservation.

These leaders will be chosen from among individuals (not organizations) who have been engaged in proactive efforts related to water and water conservation.

How to apply? (Japanese contents)
See more details at (Japanese contents)


Urgent Recommendations

April 2011: Urgent Recommendations to Japanese Society in the Wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami



Relief projects for the People who suffered from the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

1. Rainwater project for temporary housing communities in disaster stricken areas

Japan Water Forum is working on the rainwater project for the people living in temporary housing after the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. The purpose of this project is to improve access to water and reduce a burden of water bills on the residents who put up with the inconveniences of unsettled lifestyle.

This project is one of our support activities for the disaster afflicted people by utilizing the donations sent from home and abroad.


> Seminar Marking Disaster Prevention Day, Sep 1th
> Follow-Up Survey of Rainwater Project at Temporary Housing
> Installation of Submersible Drainage Pumps
> Survey at Temporary Housing (Japanese page)
» The visit to the temporary housing communities (Aug, 2011)
» Meeting with temporary housing communities (Oct, 2011)


2. Support and Encouragement Project

(Japanese contents only)
» (


Call for Donation

Japan Water Forum is collecting donations for providing people in the disaster hit area with water-related assistance.
See the details





Charity for Water is JWF's exciting networking and charity event.

People joining charity for water are students, experienced professionals, governments, companies and NPO staffs, people looking for jobs and networking... Our charity for water events bring people together in a relaxing atmosphere to enjoy a great buffet dinner and network, it is also a great way together to see what JWF is making for water.

The last events have seen ambassador speeches, reprensentants from local NGO we work with from all over the world, charity raffles, project demonstrations... join us in Tokyo on the next charity for water !

How you help by coming to charity for Water?

The cover charge as well as the drinks you buy are going to our fund to support the grass-roots activities to improve access to water, sanitation and hygiene. Once you came and helped us help other, we will keep you updated on how your involvements transformed to clean water in developping countries.

>> See the next charity for water event

"Charity for Water Events"

25 Nov 2010  Charity for Water Launching Event

26 May 2011   Charity for Water for the Great East Japan Earthquake

Next Event: 28 May 2012: details to come