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Darvish Yu Water Fund

Darvish Yu Water Fund: the 11th Project is now ongoing!

Outline of the Darvish Yu Water Fund 11th Project

Providing sustainable water for domestic, agricultural and drinking purpose in Sahamit Wittaya School, Mae Chaem, Chiang Mai

2)Project site
Sahamit Wittaya School, Tambon Ban Chan, Mae Chaem District, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand

20170531_thai 20170531_Chiang Mai Province
Thailand Chiang Mai Province

3)Project Period
April to August 2017

4)Local partner
Sustainable Community Foundation (SCF)

In the project area, hill tribes are living. They are minority and make up about 1.5 percent of the total population of Thailand, however, they cannot receive enough public services such as education and medical care. Children of hill tribes in these situation go to Sahamit Wittaya School. The school depends on water from river and well for domestic, agricultural and drinking purposes. During dry season, water level of the river goes down and?available amount of water from wells is decreasing due to population grow and earthquakes.

・Installing a water supply and storage system with 10 tanks and pipes for domestic and agricultural purpose
・Installing a rainwater supply and storage system with 4 tanks and rain gutters for drinking? purpose

7)Potential Impact
・600 students and 50 teachers of the Sahamit Wittaya School will be able to use sustainable water for domestic and agricultural purpose.
・600 students and 50 teachers of the Sahamit Wittaya School will be able to use drinking water by utilizing rainwater

The project site

The Sahamit Wittaya School

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